To whom it may concern,

We realize the importance for our customers to feel comfortable with knowing TDC production will continue on despite the rapidly evolving Covid-19 virus. To help relieve our customer’s stress from the unfortunate uncertainty, it is our goal to release a Covid-19 update Tuesday and Thursday of each week until further notice. TDC will continue to follow both local and national guidelines to ensure the health of our employees while still maintaining appropriate production levels. Updates will be released as we continue to monitor the evolving situation.

Key Statistics/Notes to Date:

Illinois confirmed cases: 5,994

Winnebago County confirmed cases: 19

TDC confirmed cases: 0

Production delays: None as of now

Vendor delays: None as of now

Key Notes:

Most all non-essential facilities are closed or at least limited in our surrounding areas.
Businesses, at this time, are not expecting to be shut down but many companies are mandating office personnel to work from home.

Internal Precautions Taken:
*Enhanced cleaning procedures plant wide
*Increased cleaning frequency
*Encourage employees to stay home if they are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick
*Self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days if an employee experiences symptoms
*Requiring individuals to work from home if possible
*Practicing the 6’ social distancing method to the best of our ability

Internal Plan of Action for Positive Test Results:
*Self-isolation for a minimum of 14 days- Follow guidelines set by medical experts
*Company shut down to initiate further deep cleaning procedures- Individuals in contact would be addressed and business would resume upon the completion of our mandatory cleaning.

Key Notes:
Shelter in place has been extended out until 4/30/2020

Illinois Governor has mandated a “shelter in place” for the state of Illinois.  Only essential businesses will remain open until 4/30/2020. Top Die is considered an essential business and will continue to run normal business operations.